miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Too much quality O_o WTF

Thats the weird thing that I heard for a client!

I was hired to make some illustrations for the covers of childrens books
But at the end this images cannot be used because it looks like cheating when you open the books and the inside images are far simple.

Unfortunatly I made this images before I learn a little more about rendering, If I find some time I must polish it. When you have the best as your masters, you still have a lot to upgrade.

Thank you Guys for share your secrets with newies like me. (from CGtalk.com)

By the way I still need to make the "lowprofile" images

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Old paints... Part 2

There is the remaind of the set, I miss these days...

Old paints...

Some watercolor paints I made 1o years before, sorry they are scan from real photos, I mean there are not good digital cameras when i do these.

Hi some client ask for watercolor illustration
Like 10 years ago I dont touch a brush, the subjet ... in psycology exist a word for that -spanish word, sorry "Sublimar" After all was nice to see it and I like to post it here.

New year and starting as 100% Freelance

Long time I dont post, there is a small test to make a photo a cartoon

This is my second week as a freelance, nice start...but really nothing interesting enought to post here, sometimes y feel more like a 3D worker than 3D artist but well hope to earn some to start the artistic works.