sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

The making of a MOVIE!

It´s almost two and a half years since my last post, I can´t believe it!

I worked a little more than two years in the Mexican movie "un gallo con muchos huevos" It was the best experience of my life, I worked with great artist, who become my friends and family. Even walk side by side with my heroes! (I was a fanboy in the inside)

They are the kindest, and greatest teaches ever. I feel part of the team. We give all that we got, expecting to make the best movie ever made in my country. We learn a lot during the production!

The overall feeling I had was "Man, they are pushing themselves too hard, I cannot let my team down" I must give my best. I was proud of be part of it.

It was a truly historical moment in the animation in Mexico.

About my work
I was hired as junior to help in the animatic/previsualisation processes since the beginning of the project. I learn a lot of the making of: From cameras, layout and cinematography language It was a nice start.

As you can see I was pretty enthusiast about the project, the rigging team give me a chance to work with them.  I made the rigs of the props, the vehicles, the environments. It was challenging but when the troubles come I had the best teachers. We had to rig a transformer-like character, It was my chance to make something cool, they trust me with the job And I push myself to make the best rig I can make.

Maybe its because I am a happy guy that loves challenges, maybe its because sometimes I am a little obsessive with "how to make the things right" Our T.D. the FX Supervisor and the Assistant of Production start to trust me. They are passionate hard-workers, and we really enjoy the challenge of getting the best with what we got. They offer me the assembling supervision, a modest part of the pipeline that grows a lot during the movie.

Suddenly the experience I got from old jobs like running a warehouse and managing the logistics a chain of wine stores become relevant! I can "foresee" the problems in the production and prevent it during the pipeline. We should adapt some of the layout steeps to prevent the apocalypse. I was lucky, our T.D. have amazing skills he can make tools that help making our job more easy.

Then my team was just in between the Texture, Layout, Animation, FX and Illumination departments, while still need to meet the guide of Art direction and set dressing the scenes. soon we are not just assembling the scenes, we are so thing on the deadlines that we become an extension of the T.D. we face the problems, he makes a new tool to fix it and we learn how to use it. Man we really learn a lot about how to solve problems!

I also have some contributions that I am proud, I will share more when the movie comes out.

So its time to say good bye.
My advice to the new artist are:
Study as hard as you can and practice every day. Even if you should work in a different kind of work. This way when the opportunity comes, you are ready to take it.

Make the best you can do, be proud of it, but don't overestimate your work. The best artist I know are ALWAYS working and studding, aiming to get better. You may seem his/her work perfect, but they try to make his/her next work best.

martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Iron Duck

Click to enlarge

Work in progress.
I really enjoy doing this, I want to finish it to start animating, he is the next guest in my portfolio, I had a lot of ideas when I am doing this, originally planned to make 5 characters hope I find the time to make it real.

lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

lip sync

Today I make a small lip sync test, and since i don't post any of these before I want to post it here, you also can see the rig, pretty simple but effective. I am thinking in something like that for the hands.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Industrial Design 3D Model

Some clients ask for Industrial design renders to show their products, this is one small sample I made.



As always I keep upgrading my knowledge and skills, now I am proud of make my first 3D Stereo test, IT WORKS! So I am working on my new demo reel in 3D Stereo.

If you have a 3D TV or screen you can try it, also with red/blue glasses. I love that YouTube supports this kind of technology, just be sure to activate the right feature and open the video directly on YouTube

martes, 17 de julio de 2012

Mistake, working without the soundtrack

Long time ago I made this for a client, unfortunately the project was closed before we can hire the voice actors. I never should accept to start working without the soundtrack, its something like double work.

Anyways I enjoy making the characters and I get a nice renders.

sábado, 14 de julio de 2012

Poser Characters

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Since many clients want their projects ASAP and have a really small budget, sometimes I should use Poser models, I import them in Maya to make the renders and animate them. I try to customize them to keep it fresh but still they are poser models.