martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Mascot preview for NZ Client

I start new projects and want to share it, now I am working in some characters, the first one is this mascot for a N.Z. Blind store

The eyes of this character are a png file on a transparent plane

This guy was based on Andy Hickingbottom works, I am very happy when my client ask me to do a character like one of His ones. I learn some few tricks with this job. Upgrading my render and rigging skills and also learn few more tricks about alphas on mental ray.

The real challenge was make the cartoon eyes rigged, I have seen a loot of 3D models from games and I see they use planes with alphas so I rig it with the "Animate>Set Driven Key" tool from Maya and it seem like it works.

I show you more Characters soon.

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